Monthly Archives: May 2015



“As crowdfunding platforms increasingly become key culture war weapons, at least one company has attempted to clarify who can – and cannot – appeal for donations on their site. GoFundMe added “discriminatory” campaigns to the list of causes that can’t find a home there, a week after the company’s decision last week to remove a fundraising page for a bakery facing a hefty fine for violating a state discrimination law….Presumably under the new rule, the site also recently removed a fundraising campaign for Arlene’s Flowers, a Washington state flower shop that also faces a fine for refusing to provide flower arrangements for a gay couple’s wedding. Like the Oregon bakery — Sweet Cakes by Melissa — Arlene’s Flowers has become a poster child for Christians who believe that laws intended to protect LGBT individuals from discrimination are forcing them to violate their Christian beliefs…..” (Washington Post).

Pure and otter double think, it appears GoFundMe has joined the ranks of Facebook and Starbucks among many others to unify in their Cultural Marxist agenda.